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Cuentos chinos para niños del Japón

Redactor Don Disturbios

Fecha de publicación viernes, 08 de junio de 2007

Género Pop

Edita Naïve

País edición España

Si partimos de la base de que su anterior trabajo “Maniobras de escapismo” es unos de los mejores discos de pop facturados en la última década en este país, difícil lo tenían Love Of Lesbian para superarlo, La buena noticia es que casi los consiguen y además con mimbres parecidos, pues “Cuentos chinos...” parece la continuación natural de su predecesor. De hecho utilizan las mismas armas para subyugarnos a todos. En primer lugar la combinación perfecta entre canciones de corte intimista, personal y algo dolientes, con otras de narración extrovertida, jocosa y algo gamberra. También continúan con los juegos de palabras y la obsesión por el espacio, el infinito, la existencia, lo divino y, cómo no, lo humano con todas sus miserias, grandezas obsesiones y neurosis. Santi Balmes es, a día de hoy, el mejor y más imaginativo letrista que tiene el pop de este país y sólo hay que dotarle de un envoltorio digno y cada vez más personal para que reluzca. De hecho, si hay algo que tienen claro los lesbianos es que han encontrado su estilo, su sonido y su lugar y que va a ser muy difícil apearlos de la cima de la música facturada en castellano. Ahora el reto está en no repetirse demasiado, en romper esquemas, en asumir riesgos, pero eso se lo exigiremos ya en el próximo disco, porque para este aún tenían crédito.

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Usuario: Anónimo
Comentario: I was as heartbroken as ?? todraws Kay Tse's new album (or precisely the ???).I think a negative review still has its own virtue. The undertone of ??'s review is the environment under this Kay's latest album was produced; the priority is the consumption or reception rather than technicality. As I read along, Kay's disappointing album was already out of my concern. I start to think about how her case represents in general the Hong Kong pop music industry .??????? I don't think we can expect this in mainstream paper in Hong Kong. I envy New Yorkers. They can enjoy New York Times' wonderful section devoted to quality and in-depth (and very musical) reviews of music, be it classical or pop, theatres, movies, and the like. There are just not enough platforms for pop music criticism in Hong Kong.?? positioned himself as an outsider; he relied on word articulations and apparent melodic structures, etc. Say for her Mandarin song, it brings forth the question who the target demographic this particular version is for, given her subpar Mandarin is not a matter in the recording. Have they brought in Taiwanese/Chinese producers to do the song? These small decisions reflect at least some aspects of the attitudes behind making a Mandarin version of the hit that made her a top Hong Kong female artist.Anyway, I wonder if there is really a problem here. From the start the industry has not nurtured good listeners. Who really listen to the key changes or chord changes crafted carefully and beautifully by the writers/arrangers? It was lucky enough to have an artist like Kay who can deliver these to the point.Kay is a happy outcome in this weird Karaoke-driven music scene. She was both an underdog and a warrior before she rose to fame; she questioned and did not compromise. Finally she reached the top but this unique brand of her didn't seem to be registered in her new ???. Yes I meant ???. I know there are songs in her latest album that are so ???. But ??? is what we wanted from her to strike a complete discord, now that she has assumed a mainstream position.
Usuario: Anónimo
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Comentario: I can already tell that's gonna be super helupfl.
Usuario: Anónimo
Comentario: A hearty three ceehrs for the prince and his bride to be. Make your mother proud of what you do for others. She was a tireless worker for peoples everywhere across the globe. I ask you to please support equal rights for all to marry. A loving relationship should not be judged on a persons sex or sexuality but on their commitment to each other. This is what really matters. After all, are we so different from everyone else. Good luck to you both, and have a blessed union for many years to come.
Usuario: Anónimo
Comentario: many questions any many thiroees i think the show is more about spirital than phisical, reasons the island is just a simble of a placed called limbow a stop over b 4 people r judged and a rebiryhing centre 2 confess your sins and contribute to mankind , not knowing were they r so its from the heart , the voices they here in the forest r other spirits trying to find there way and waiting 2 b judged weather they go to heaven or hell ,boone was layed to rest because he let go of his sister and the wroung thoughts he had of her,the knife guy had no trouble with his leg cause he was in a nutral zone waiting to find light at the end of the tunnel,sawyer had unsolved personal business b 4 he could let go and b judged we will wait and c
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