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Tarantula Mata

Redactor Ignacio Pato

Fecha de publicación lunes, 01 de noviembre de 2010

Género Rock

Edita KTC/Deep Elm

País edición España

Otro paso adelante, el dado la banda de origen canario This Drama. Tras un más que destacado “San Diego XIII”, disco que se puede encontrar fácilmente en territorio estadounidense y aclamado por crítica y público, llega ahora este “Tarantula Mata”, álbum de cortita duración pero plagado de una intensidad que juega entre las orillas del rock y el hardcore-punk de una manera envidiable. Puede ser este el disco que, gracias a trallazos como “127 La Brea”, consiga que alguno deje de pensar que son demasiado rockeros para el hardcore o viceversa, aunque seguro que a ellos poco les importan las etiquetas y sí continuar pasando por su particular trituradora ese universo también a caballo entre Tenerife y Los Angeles que considero que les es tan propicio para firmar “Hollywood quema” o “Seaside”, bombas para el directo y aciertos para forjar la personalidad de un grupo que continúa haciendo buenas las palabras de los que les auguran un buen futuro. Mientras, se van forjando una trayectoria que para sí la quisieran muchos otros: además de haber sonado en la BBC y estado presentes en el SXSW, vean quién les edita.

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Comentario: de primera bro!!!
Usuario: Anónimo
Comentario: It's hard for me to review this scrpit without soundng harsh. It is a predictable and thin story. There dialogue is virtually absent. You tell too much of the story in your action sequences. That is why you lack character development. I did not have a clear understanding of who Jubilee really was. She cursed like a longshoreman, but was shy up on stage. She was tough in her management and interactions with the guys in the band, yet she didn't have enough gumption to demand a spot which she did want. That much, I got. Jubilee's arc was weak. You started out showing us a disturbing scene of drug abuse in the presence of a child. That should have been the beginning of the character's motivation throughout the story. I kept hoping you would bring Daisy back, but it wasn't until page 44 that she was even mentioned again. That's too long to wait for a revisiting of your all-important opening scene, even if you really didn't revisit. That is where the road to Jubilee hit a dead end.You would have a much better story if you paralleled Jubilee's journey against Daisy's. There is a lot of juice there. You can go several ways with compare/contrast. Show us more flashbacks of the two of them together before the drug abuse. Show us how really talented the mom was, so that we can judge Jubilee.This was The Wizard of Oz for me. From the journey with the cast of characters, all the way to banging on the back door of the night club trying to get the doorman to find her name on the list, and the final reunion with Auntie Emm (Molly) made the story quite PG. Take out the profanity and you have a kid movie. You might want to go that route. Even so, you would still have to develop your characters.Lots of punctuation errors and typos. You need to proof read more closely.If I were you, I'd go back to the first 5 pages and take a different road from there.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)
Usuario: Anónimo
Comentario: There was a time when I hated everything British or to be more pcseire English. The fact that I am Irish bred and born may partially explain my attitude. All that wasd because I lacked understanding and was without knowledge. But the living God has cleansed my heart of that hatred and has, through His servants in the true Church and they through Holy Scripture and the wonderful booklet which outlines who the British and American peoples actually are. God gave the British and American peoples the lands in which they reside and thrive, not because of their goodness, but because of His promise to Abraham. As for Queen Elizabeth II, I think her to be a gracious and dignified lady who has not disgraced the throne on which she sits. Unfortunately Her grandson Harry lowered the dignity of the royal role he has inherited by cavorting naked with men and women. Nevertheless she retains her dignity and she is to be commended for it. Her comments of 1982 were certainly ones to be applauded, but unfortunately British society has fallen down morally and is far from the type of country of which God approves. Unless they returh to God and keep His commandments in the spirit and the letter God will permit it to fall and the people of that country will be taken into slavery.
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